Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Handmade hats with Antique Buttons.

Come: Cool Capped Customers to consider carrying my creative crochet compulsion.   

Colorful Antiquarian Ephemera aka Old Books

Colorful Antiquarian Ephemera aka Old Books

 I am sorting through several hundred books purchased from an estate.  Are you looking for a certain Author or subject?  Sorry!  These books are sorted by color.  You can find any books with the word "high" in the title on the top shelf.  Oh, the best part....most are priced at $4.00 and many are free!  I figure if you pick up a self help book and check the price (free) you might actually really need it.  So, it is a gift from me to you with condolences but no bag.

 Just purchased and priced this box with contents.  Looking at it makes me wonder.  Who...what projects?  What shirt was that  cut from?  I photographed the contents of the drawers just as I found them.  I can't empty the buttons into the jars or tins of buttons that I have for sale in the shop.  It would be like separating a family. 

Just In!

Just In

64 rolls of vintage 1940's wallpaper borders or trim

The possibility's are endless!