I took some pictures of the interior of 7 1/2 N. State St. in Uptown Westerville.  This building is for sale and I don't believe that it was used for anything for quite some time.  I have the feeling that it was used as an Art studio in the 1970's but not in a formal way.  I called the local Historian and was given the following information:

Hi Leslie – your question was referred to me. I am going to give you a list of what the 1976 business directory states was in that property. It doesn’t distinguish between floors. 

1912- C. R. Stanton , Photographer
1913 The Sanhedrin
1913 Art Gallery
1914 Board of Public Affairs
No date – W. G. Blackman, Photography
1919 Whitman Studio
1918 Red Cross Headquarters
1923-26 Sphinx Fraternity of Otterbein
Late 1920s Catholic Church – (they met uptown until they got their land up north)
Nealer’s Storage

Some interesting things there – many photographers which is kind of interesting in light of your photography.

A view of my shop

This was done with nails.

This one vindicates the purchase of my point and shoot camera that is always in my purse.


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