They Come To Me


This is Nathan.  He is a sales rep with Quill and stopped in the shop this week to see if I needed any Office Supplies.  Nathan is going to travel to New Mexico this spring to visit his fianc√©’s family.  Her name is Micaella and he calls her “Cayla”.  They met 2 years ago at a work party.  After the party they went their separate ways with their designated drivers.  The car that Micaella, and one of Nathans friends, rode home in was involved in a serious accident.  Nathan went to the hospital to visit his friend and asked about Micaella.  He went to her room and upon entering and seeing her, something came over him.  He quit his job and remained by her side for the next 6 months that she spent in the hospital.

 About a year ago, Nathan proposed to Micaella.  He invited her family to join them for a picnic. They all went to Mount Pleasant in Lancaster.  Nathan got to the top of the hill, out on the edge, where there is a lovely view and acted like he was having a panic attack.  Knowing how afraid of heights Nathan was, Micaella went to him and he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  They will be married in May.  Micaella would like to honeymoon in China.  She has traveled extensively through Europe.  She is a small girl at 5’3” and 115 lbs.  She is fluent or near fluent in American Sign Language, Mandarin, Spanish, English and Arabic.  After helping Nathan fix his car, Micaella decided that she would like to be a mechanic. She was just promoted at Valvoline and has been working toward her ASC Certification with plans to specialize.

Seven months ago Nathan learned that he has a heart condition that he now controls with medication.  One side of his heart is larger than the other.  Stinky loved Nathan and gave him extra attention and love.  She could tell that part of his heart was larger than average and so could I.


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